“Scripts collect” significantly speeds up the work with scripts, eliminating the complicated installation scripts via “Customize” menu, makes it easy to assign your icons to buttons which run scripts, go to  script editing in one click.

How it works

“Scripts collect” checks the contents of  “Scripts\scripts_collect”  folder for  *.ms,*.mse  files and automatically creates a menu, elements of which are buttons  which run scripts with the same name.  Right-click opens Editor Window for script editing.


1. Download and unzip “”.

2. For right installation in Windows 7 you need admin rights to change the “Scripts”  folder , which is located in the root folder of 3ds Max.

To get these rights do this: right-click on the folder “Scripts”, select “Properties”, then in the “security” set full access to the current user.

3. After receiving administrator rights on “Scripts”  folder  changing, just drag and drop “scripts_collect_setup.mzp” in the 3ds Max window.

In the case of a successful installation, this screen appears:


This means that the script was successfully installed. To lunch it go to: Customize > Customize User Interface… > Toolbars > Category: “Tools”, find the list “scripts_collect” and drag you to a convenient toolbar. Such the button scripts_collect_page_images_3  appears. Clicking on it, you run the script.


Working with script

Principle of work is very simple. Put scripts in  “Scripts\scripts_collect” folder which file type is *.ms, *.mse (NOT *.mcr) and next time you run Script collect, all the scripts in the folder are part of a list of buttons. Press any of these buttons and you will run the same named script (similar to the operation “Run script”).

You can place image instead of a text on a button, what you need is only an image file with the same name in ” Scripts\scripts_collect” folder which file type is  *.bmp with resolution 150:30.

You can edit any script in the list with one right-click .

To work successfully with “script collect” you need to format a script like this:


But NOT like this:


All scripts used must not contain the header “macroscript” and any lines related to this title. Any macroscript can be converted to an executable script, simply delete the title “macroscript” and all the lines related to this title.