Prism – an advanced pass manager for 3ds max.

Pass is scane state with individual settings of the scene objects, lights, render settings, etc.
One scene can have an unlimited number of passes. Thus the user has the opportunity to use the same objects in a single file, to obtain different renderings.
Render Passes is not the same as render elements. In contrast to render elements that render in a single pass with the main image, render passes render separately, each pass – new rendering.
Major cases of using passes:
– Separate rendering of object for subsequent arrangement on the compositing (eg characters render separately from the background)
– Render of various components of a complex image to be assembled on the compositing (eg separately render reflection, refraction and falloff map)
– Render auxiliary image (mask, UV, Zdeph etc.)
– Automation of the rendering process (automatic rendering of different cameras with different time range, aspect ratio, automatic creation of folder structure and store the result, the automatic creation of masks by layers, ID, by objects, etc.)
Prism supports overrides of all scene parameters, as well as ways to automate getting the final result in a convenient form.