Hello My name is Sergey Nezhentsev (grover_gol), and grovergol.com is my official website.

I’m an Amsterdam-based CG Supervisor / Lead artist / Senior 3D Generalist. Primarily working on commercials, web-sites’ and interactive applications’ content, also have experience in feature films’ production.
With over 8 years of experience, I have participated in a variety of complex projects for famous brands including Intel, Adidas, Heineken, General Electric, Philips, Electrolux, etc.
With knowledge of all the aspects of the 3D production cycle, can create high-end content in close contact with art-director by leading a team of artists or as a member of the production team.
Worked on VR projects both life-shooting and CG-based for Samsung gear VR & HTC vive, in connection with this had experience in Unity and Unreal engine. Created custom 360 stereo GoPro rig.
I have a passion for designing workflows and finding solutions for non-standard tasks. Have a big experience in custom tools’ development including full documentation and tutorials creation.


| Estimating | Timings | Assigning tasks | Briefing | Communication and support | QA | Ftrack | On stage supervision |

| Modeling | Texturing | Shading | Lighting | Rendering | Compositing | VFX | Animation | Layout and scene management | Grooming |

Technical Director
| Pipeline development |
| Programming (Max Script, JavaScript, Python, VEX) |

I’m a big fan of the non-destructive, procedural workflows, so I love all the node-based DCC apps. Here’s the list of apps I ever used:
| 3Ds Max | Houdini |
| Vray | Redshift | Fstorm | Corona |
| Zbrush | Mudbox | Clo 3d | Speed tree | World machine |
| Substance painter |
| Nuke | After Effects | Photoshop | Fusion |
| Backburner | Deadline | Renderpal |

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